Family Quality Time


My grandmother’s house has a balcony that we haven’t used much since my grandfather passed away about seven years ago. It used to be his favorite spot to sit because you could always get an excellent view of the sunset and take in the cool breeze especially around this time of year.

My family would gather around him on the afternoons when we were there and we would proceed to have lovely visits. Me being me, I would probably be up to no good, playing around or teasing my little sister. It was one of the places I just loved a lot.

Like I said, we haven’t used it much since his passing. Today, though, was remarkable.

As family members begin arriving in Beirut for the katb kteb and wedding, naturally my teta’s house would be the meeting point for us all. And even though the house never feels empty, it is at its best when everyone is there, exchanging stories, laughing, gossiping, voicing concerns, but mostly teasing one another.

Better yet, since the weather has gotten better, we took out our chairs to the balcony and just sat there. There was none of the usual traffic that the area is known for so we were able to hear one another. It was a chance for me to take this all in: these people are here because I’m getting married! All these people I love and who have shaped me all made the journey out to be with me on this big day,

There is no feeling that can top this one.

Well, maybe I can think of one: waking up early and having my cup of coffee with both of my parents, something that happens so rarely it’s one of those moments to always cherish.


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  1. Nothing beats a good family outings! What a heartfelt post! I Loved how you started and how you ended!! 😇
    Happy to connect! Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews ❤

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