Support System


Patience is a virtue that I do not have. I think I would utterly fail at being in a long-distance relationship just because I hate waiting for things to happen. I hate counting down the days.

But mostly, I just hate being away from my partner.

Ahmad is away for the weekend, and though this is not the first time in the course of our relationship, this time I really feel its weight with our wedding being two weeks away.

It’s just a few days- I could probably finish a book while he’s gone and not even notice- and things will be back on track.Still I do feel a bit disoriented, I’m not used to not seeing him everyday.

Really, how do people in long distance relationships plan weddings?  A wedding planner? One partner?

I couldn’t do anything without Ahmad and his support. In the early stages of the planning, he was the one to call up vendors and schedule meetings while I came in with the action plan.

Without Ahmad, I would’ve probably had to hire a wedding planner just to coordinate everything.Trust me, he’s already done a better job just because he replies to my emails.

He went from place to place, talked to everyone there was to talk to, finalized all our printables and ideas, and arranged our home perfectly.It’s rare to find a groom that’s interested in the details. My husband to be dissects every idea and forms a clear-cut plan in his mind to execute it. To the point where at some days I felt like I wasn’t interested or doing enough. It is refreshing that this is his wedding as much as it is mine.

And he’s done this all while managing his daytime job.

I swear he’s not a wedding planner though he might start moonlighting as one because ours was such an experience. Give him a call, he’ll be helpful. I’m sure.

When you look at all of this though, Ahmad’s greatest contribution has been his unwavering support. Whenever I was on the brink, feeling depressed or flat-out refusing to have a wedding, he reminded me of the reason we were doing all of this: to celebrate our love for one another!

Which why even though he’s only away for a weekend, I feel like my whole support system is away. I cannot wait until he is back.

Note to the readers: This is my attempt at writing something romantic about my fiance. I do not do romance normally. 


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  1. tlizzy says:

    I was in a long distance relationship. a good 200 miles away from one another, only saw each other once a month. It was so hard, but 5yrs on we are still here and much closer to each other now 🙂 Im here if you need a natter. My partner has gone away this weekend too 😦 Time for me to clean! and study ha ha

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