Inspiration in the Kitchen

It’s been a constant running joke that my future husband will probably starve and/or we’ll be turning to ordering in because I’ll either have no time to cook or I won’t be good at it.

It’s honestly not one of the things I enjoy hearing about and yet it always comes up. I don’t know where people might have gotten the impression that I don’t cook or I’m not good at it when it’s actually one of the things I love to do the most.

One of the easiest ways to make myself happy, in fact, is working in the kitchen with some music on. When the final product comes together and it’s ready to serve, I usually have the biggest smile on my face.

In addition, it won’t be all on me and I know Ahmad is excited to spend time in the kitchen as well. It’s about time we got over the idea that men don’t cook. Most of the best chefs in the world are men! Does the name Gordon Ramsay ring a bell?

So yes, please give me a break.

And if that’s not assurance that I will set aside time to cook, I have been enjoying filling our kitchen with all sorts of different cookbooks and magazines.

Not only are they adding a great touch of color, but they’re bringing in a wealth of ideas. Because of these excellent resources, I know we won’t end up like the case is at home where we have about 20-30 dishes on loop that we never eat anything but!

I’m looking forward to finally being in control of what we eat and expanding the list of things I enjoy, culinary wise. The food featured in these books alone are to-die for!


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