A Relationship Through Photographs


Anyone can take a picture of anything these days. You just take out your phone and snap whatever you like, and there you have it, it is documented forever.

Of course the downside to this ease and convienence is that we are no longer printing any of the photographs we take. We just store them away in our backup disks, computers, and phones and maybe look at them once or twice when we’re thinking of a certain moment or missing times gone.

Which is why it is always a great experience to just get everything together and make yourself a cute photo album of all the highlights.

In our case, we have been together for two years and we have probably five photos printed out (not counting the terrible engagement ones). So since we are moving and our new house is full of frames, we said why not?


Why not ended up being 113 of our most favorite selfies. I stress that those are selfies because it has been so rare to find someone to take them in the first place.

113! You have the standard trope of birthdays, anniversaries, and special events, but you also have those pics that scream “I was wearing a nice outfit or I was in a cool place” begging to be documented. So we ended up with a pretty cool mix.

Some stray observations I made looking through all of these now that they’re back from the printer?

I cannot hide my weight fluctuations. They just instantly show in my cheeks and face. Same goes for how my eyeliner went on on that given day.

Thanks to Ahamd’s height and arm length, a good chunk of our pictures seem almost normal. Almost.

You can divide our relationship into two stages, Ahmad with a beard and Ahmad with just a goatee. I am a fan of the second.


We can sort them by chronological order and name the exact reason and place at which a specific picture was taken. So if that were a sport, we would totally win.

But the most important one?

Our pictures indicate how in love with one another we are. Not a single one feels forced and even when we didn’t have our megawatt smiles on, we were still smiling from the bottom of our hearts in all of the shots.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. serenaglow says:

    Love it ❤️

  2. A great record you will treasure always. Disks and hard drives can fail but the printed work will last forever if kept dry and in a darkened spot. Well done.By the way, I’m a full bearded bloke but I confess to admiring that goatee.

  3. A.B Mood says:

    Having printed photographs is always a good option! What if a zombie-apocalypse comes and technology is vanished from the face of the Earth?? :O Then those printed pics will come in handy 😛 Hehe just kidding.. Your pictures with Ahmed always make me beam with happiness ^_^

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