I have the weirdest taste in music.

Last week, it was the blues, the week before pop, the week before that rock. And this week, it’s disco. For reasons unknown to me, I can’t stop singing “Say that you remember, dancing in September, never was a cloudy day.”

Maybe it’s because we’re in the midst of making our playlist for the wedding and right now it seems like a Zumba class threw all up over your standard 80s-night. Maybe it’s because I famously cannot dance and yet I am super excited to party with some of our closest friends. Maybe it’s because our venue coordinator is insisting we do not end the party early (at around midnight) or else we have failed.

I can’t really put my finger on it but I know I am finally at that point where I am just looking forward to everything that’s coming up. I guess what triggered this is that the passport is finally back at home with the via on it. Yes, we can finally look forward to our honeymoon with less than a month to go.

The month of September is just around the corner, even though when this blog started, it felt like it would just never get here. Now I am worried things will never get done in time because there’s just so little of it left. I’m trying to get organized as much as possible by writing all sorts of lists and allocating tasks to anyone willing to help.

I know this is tough, but this is the final push. One that ensures we get things done the way we want- and we will be dancing in September!


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