A Thought on Distributing Wedding Invitations


Giving out the wedding invitations has been one of my favorite parts of the process so far. I am over the moon with how they turned out and how our whole idea came to life.

After months of planning, we’re finally getting to share major details with friends and family, and it’s finally sinking in that we’re going ahead and getting married. There’s nothing more affirmative than telling people to come.

For me, despite the hassle of finding everyone and giving them their cards, with some people insisting to turn a 5 minute thing into a whole sit-down, I’m relishing the reactions people have. I usually wait for this key moment when they discover there’s more to it than just the invitation and start laughing and feeling really proud of us for pulling it all off.

Whether it’s my grandmother saying that it reflects my personality or my best friend gasping in mock-horror that it’s just too soon and he doesn’t believe it just yet, it just goes to show that people can have an opinion that is well-intentioned and meaningful.

Even not saying anything and sticking to the traditional sayings is more than enough in this case.

Of course, there’s always going to be people that do not react- and those are the ones that completely dismiss the need to RSVP. But you can’t do much about them anyway. You can’t force the happiness out of people and you can’t make them care for you no matter what.

But those that do care, it just shows immediately. They’ll express it in hugs, in smiles, in squeals, in jokes, all with a lot of love.

And you just know that these are the very same people who won’t sit down the night of the event.


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  1. tlizzy says:

    no you cannot force the happiness out of someone, but as long as your happy then sod them! If they cant be happy for you, you dont need them around you. Your invitations look very professional. Great work!

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