Work-Life Intersection

I learned a valuable lesson today: never invite your fiance to stop by your office unless you want him to rearrange everything near and dear to your heart. I don’t understand what compelled him to do that but all my stationary and files were reshuffled, just because.

It was his first time visiting me at my workplace in the few years I’ve been there.

Let’s not even mention that he’s an IT guy- and the first thing he commented about was how old my PC is. I’m just glad Excel and my email works and here he is pointing out that I still have a Dell computer that runs on Windows XP. And a printer that makes the funniest noises when you try to use it. Once again, I’m just glad it works again after it spent months on my desk, accumulating dust.

I complain jokingly though. Having Ahmad stop by was definitely one those smaller milestones that make a difference. It just made the tiny space seem a bit more friendly and comforting- although how can you make hospital neon lights comforting is past me.

There’s always this emphasis that you should separate work from your outside life but sometimes it’s also great to bring in something familiar to make the load and the stress a bit lighter. It just sets you on the right track again and gives you a different motivation. In my case, I don’t even have a picture of us on my desk because I’m too lazy to print one out, so having him physically there for a few minutes was more than I could’ve asked for.

I liked this brief moment where the two main things in my life intersected and reminded me of the many reasons I have to be happy.

And it gives you something to do of course: putting back your things in their rightful places after your soon-to-be-husband has relocated everything.

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  1. tlizzy says:

    lol. x

  2. Sometimes many hands make hard work. Now though you are in a better from a of mind after his visit.

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