Come Rain or Come Shine

Ahmad’s only ever made me one mixtape in the whole time we have been together. Which is funny because we are both such huge music lovers and our whole relationship has been set to a weird but somehow cohesive playlist. Still, I cherish that CD as much as I cherish my engagement rings- and sometimes I go back and listen to it from Track 1 till the end, trying to recapture what it felt like to meet and fall in love with my life partner.

One of the songs on the CD is an Eric Clapton one. But it’s not Layla and it’s not Wonderful Tonight, although those are some of my favorites and you can’t argue how iconic they are. It’s not even a Clapton song, but rather a standard that he had covered with the late and great B.B King a couple of years ago.


When I feel down, as I am right now, this is the song I go to. No two voices and talents have ever been this harmonious, even though some might argue that this is a bit too slow for their taste. But to me, it puts me in this relaxed mindset, of thinking of the one I love and how far we’ve come and what we’ve overcome.

The days may be cloudy or sunny. We’re either in or we’re out of the money. I’m with you always, I’m with you rain or shine.”

That’s my favorite verse from the whole song and it couldn’t be a more true reminder when you feel like you can’t take on the world. But love gets you through, it always does.

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  1. Ali Sleeq says:

    If you liked that album (or the blues in general), check out my blues blog! Here’s a post about Riding With the King:

    1. TK says:

      Hi Ali! Huge fan of your blog, I read almost all your posts thanks to Lebanese Blogs. Keep up the great work and thanks for exposing us to such amazing talent that unfortunately doesn’t get the airplay they deserve.

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