The Wedding Invitations are Here!

Wedding planning has taught me to be patient beyond any means. But my patience ran out when the wedding invitations took two extra weeks. I was supposed to send them abroad with family who were travelling but the printers thought that it would be fun to keep them an extra week while completely screwing up the color.

But that’s past us, they’re here now and almost ready to distribute. I am very excited to share what they look like, especially since Dina, our very awesome designer, put a lot of effort into making our vision come to life. They are everything I imagined them to be as a person who loves wedding cards and is working hard to make them the right first impression.

This is intentionally blurry and in the wrong orientation. Or I’m just lazy.

Still, this process has not been without a headache and so much has gone, so I’ll try to sum it up here.

Professionalism goes a long way!

As I mentioned above, Dina such an amazing job with the design It should be that the printers match the quality so we went to the biggest and the best in the country. Turns out, that’s just appearances and the service was super bad. And it wasn’t cheap either. First, they lost all the information we gave them twice, then they put their name and contact information on the back of the card, taking all the credit for someone else’s work. Then when we called them today to say we were coming to pick up the cards, they said they weren’t done and needed four more days. Oh, but that was just a prank! Don’t we know how to take a joke?

But this isn’t a joke people! I get that this is a family business but maintaining some level of professionalism make a huge difference.

So much math, my head hurts.

I got so excited that we got the cards and wanted to dive ahead with getting the names together to distribute them as soon as possible. Little did I know that we would need to count and re-count till the number matched the one we gave the venue.

Why did we have a problem in the first place? Because we accounted for people who weren’t coming yet must get a card. We’re talking about close family who can’t make the trip out and wish were with us. That’s about 20 or so people.

So imagine the frenzy we were in, thinking about who would make it and who would not and how we got to the number we should have.

If I hear one more thing about the “Alternative List,” I’ll explode.

Sure, like anything in life, there’s a plan A and a plan B. Since we have a contract with the venue for 100 people, we know we will be charged for that even if 10 guests show up. That’s where the alternative list comes in, and I hate it!

It’s full of people that I’m trying as hard as possible not to have at the wedding and who are going to be invited just to save face. They know they’re on the second list and they’re never going to let me hear the end of it. I don’t like assuming some are not going to show up, only to have them surprise me.

I’d really rather not go through this and just have people I care for there. I never thought it could be this stressful!


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