The Streets of Beirut


Beirut is the perfect city for random signs, posters, wall art, and just general randomness. I love keeping an eye out and reading whatever I come across, and sometimes I see gems that either make me laugh or just wonder.

I think because there’s so much problems going on here and everyone just wants to be heard, so they take to any method they can get their hands on. Even if it means decking out the streets. And it goes at both ends of the spectrum. You have elaborate artwork that honors the greatest Lebanese talents and you have people with a spray can and random thoughts.

People that end up leaving such messages.

There’s no meaning to life, I am sad.

Sounds depressing, no? I couldn’t help but think about how that person could be and what would compel him to write such a message. Was it a failed relationship? Bad family? Hard time at work? General frustration about the situation in Lebanon (can’t disagree with that)? Or just someone with a lot of free time on their hands?

But I also laughed, because that’s such a strange message to leave in the middle of one the busiest streets of Beirut, a place where a lot of families do their shopping and many others call home. It’s still not as funny as open trilingual declarations of love because you can’t help but think that maybe this is a true cry for help?

In any case, I think this perfectly demonstrates that this city is a living and breathing canvas, with every space being a possible one for self-expression and leaving your own mark on the place you live.

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