Grill on Grass at The Garten

Partying is not my thing. I understand why a lot of people enjoy it and look forward to summers and weekends for different kinds of events, but I have never felt like it was my way of having fun. So I tend to just not go to these places, especially that the fiance agrees that we’re the kind of people better suited for museums and such.

Yet, when I found out The Garten were opening their doors on Sunday for grill and cocktails, the idea appealed to me. It had a more chill vibe than their regular Saturday parties and so it was tempting to go and try.

The Garten needs no introduction to a certain chunk and age group and I’m glad so many enjoy it. It’s managed to make the most of the space they’ve been given with a nice concept. It never feels stuck up though I do feel out of place (but that’s just for personal reasons). I do enjoy it the most when they have open air movie screenings- last year we watched Pink Floyd’s The Wall and it was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

And now I can enjoy it on Sunday, as a place to have a cool (non-alcoholic) drink, watch the sunset and the people (who I feel so out of touch with), bob my head along to the music, and of course, eat.

I mean, how can you resist this?

It’s such a shame that I had had a big lunch at home earlier because the menu looks incredible but I managed to make way for the corn on the cob and the chicken strips with sweet chili sauce. We shared those two between us, and guess what? We have not stopped talking about them all day today. I mean it. The mention of chicken strips has exceeded everything else we spoke about. And the corn was so fresh and perfectly salted that I just bit into straight after it landed on our table.

They were that good.

If the appetizers made such an impression, I can only imagine what the main dishes must be like. I’ve got my eye on the steak with chimichuri sauce for the next time we go! I have a feeling it will not be disappointing,

The only downside I felt was that we should’ve been a bigger group, instead of just Ahmad and I. I think we would’ve enjoyed the whole vibe more if we were with more people and we just had time to hang out together before the hectic week kicks off.

Maybe another time…


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