My life right now can be summarized in one word: waiting. And since I was never the most patient person, I don’t like it and I can’t enjoy the moment. To make matters worse, I discovered today at work that I don’t have any vacation days this whole month and I have around five intensive weeks of pulling in my weight from 8 to 5. It’s going to be exhausting, you just wait and see.

Here, enjoy this photograph of the sunset that I snapped this past Saturday.

Here is what I’m currently waiting for:

For the embassy to get back to us about visa applications for the honeymoon. It’s been a month already and still no answer.

To see if we will or won’t use our honeymoon back-up plan.

To actually go on the honeymoon and do everything we’ve been talking about for months.

For the invitations to come back from the printing press.

For the favors to be put together.

To distribute the invitations and finally know who is coming and who isn’t.

For the wedding dress fitting (which I’m very nervous about anyway).

To meet with our vendors and finalize things like playlists, menu, wedding cake, set-up, and timeline.

For the final cleaning to be done at the house.

To hang the curtains and portraits and to decorate the house with our own personal touches.

To stop being asked about how and why we’re doing certain things.

For my own readiness to start sorting and packing my things and start moving fully knowing that this process starts with my books and I’m nowhere near ready to take them anywhere right now.

To unpack and make the house feel like home.

For our families to come back to Lebanon so the festivities can start.

For an annual leave where I don’t have to think about going back to work, even though I know I will. That is the nature of my job.

For the katb kteb.

To be surrounded by all the people we love and care for at the most important party we will throw.

To finally marry the man I love and not have to say goodbye at the end of the night- because right now, you cannot even imagine how much this sucks.


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  1. Just go with the flow and soon you will be welded together in an unbreakable knot and all of these pesky issues will be behind you both and soon forgotten.

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