Another Day, Another Wedding


So they weren’t joking when they called it wedding season. The sheer amount of energy it takes to prepare for these things, especially if you have to attend several in such a short span of time, is incredible.

And yet, you can’t help but feel happy to go. Because (let’s assume) these people thought you were important enough to be with them on their wedding day. And because there’s just this general feel that weddings give off. About happiness. And love. And the coming together of families.

We’re currently headed to one right now though my confidence is still not at its best no matter how hard I try to bring it up. But this isn’t about me or about how I’m wearing my backup dress becauae the tailor didn’t finish the one I wanted in time. Or how amazingly hot it is today. Or that once again the hairdresser went on a creative binge and made me look like a Lebanese Barbie.

This is about the bride and groom whom we happen to love so much. I just know we’re going to be up on our feet all night cheering for them and dancing and having huge smiles on our faces.

Plus. The next wedding we have to attend after this will be our own!!!! I threw in those exclamation marks to show you how excited I am. I can’t wait.



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