Someone Get Me A Hairdresser, Please!

I tried my third hairdresser in two months today. I can’t seem to find one I like and have him or her be my go to person, especially for my wedding.

But tonight I have a henna party for a family member and I wanted to look nice. So I went to a salon my cousin recommended. This is one of those fancy places with big billboards around the country. So it’s bound to be good, no? And plus, I only wanted a regular blow-out.


It started out innocently enough. But once the guy styling my hair found out my wedding was soon, I got my chance to ask him why such places charge no less than 500 dollars for a hairstyle, fully knowing that it’s essentially the same thing as everyday but with a veil!

That’s of course after he ridculed me for expecting to only pay 100 dollars.

“It’s all about the touch, habibi. You’re a bride, you need that touch to set you apart.”

“I don’t get it. I don’t want to color my hair, I don’t want to get extensions, I don’t want massive volume. I want what you are doing now in a bun.”

“But it’s different when you’re a bride. We can spend more time with  you and be attentive. Plus, it’s all about the salon’s reputation.”

“Sorry but you’re not making any sense. So the reputation doesn’t matter if I come in on any other day. You’ll just do whatever because I’m not a bride?” Funny enough, I came in to their salon because someone recommended them for a regular blow-out.

“It’s not like that. It’s all about the touch. We are all graduates of salon X so that comes with its cost.”

He said that like he had graduated from effin Harvard.

“Look, I am having a simple wedding and I want a simple hairstyle. Nothing you said can convince me that you’re right, because you’re not!”

So yeah, a “touch” inflates the price by ten times. I can now finally sleep at night because I have found out why.

What a bunch of scammers they are! They play upon your worst insecurities and try to convince you that you must be the ultimate princess or whatever fantasy vision or else your day will be incomplete.

But seriously, if I don’t have that touch, will people not be able to spot me? I mean, I am the one in the massive white dress. You can’t miss that!

Guess I need to try a fourth hairdresser. Too bad, I actually liked this one. Or I guess I’ll just wake up in the morning, take a shower, and go with my hair as is.


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  1. baliinfoblog says:

    wow..what a scam!! The wedding preparations are still going? I thought you would be married by now!!

  2. On the positive side, you have retained your sense of humour. Will your husband to be have his hair styled too?

  3. chirineajouz says:

    One solution comes to mind…forgo the veil and just walk in to the hairdresser’s saying you’re going to a wedding and have them style your hair the way you want…hahahahha!! I also don’t get how rates go up (hairdresser, make up artist, etc…) when wedding is mentioned! If the hair style you are looking for is simple, then you never know…a “no name” neighborhood salon might be your solution! Good luck with that!

  4. lama D says:

    Hello , would you please help the brides to be by posting the rates / names of the best salons, regardless the fact that they are all ridiculously expensive , none of them seem to post the prices on their websites. Same thing for the designer dresses /photography / wedding planners… there should be some kind of online handbook for the brides in lebanon where they could use filters to search for what they need and plan their wedding .

    1. TK says:

      Hi Lama, thanks for commenting! I actually once wrote a post about this and how upset I am that no prices are posted online and you never get anything clear cut and how much I would love if there was a forum or website to help brides to be. I was also thinking of writing a post with comparisons and price listing but after the wedding so I could give a fair assessment of their work. However, if you want you can email me on and I can totally help 🙂

  5. Marian says:

    Just had this conversation with a friend planning her wedding in Egypt. The average price there is around $700-800 while make up alone is $500! Insane!

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