What’s Next for Lebanon?

I never thought it would happen, but on this particular night, I don’t feel very hopeful about Lebanon’s future- and I’m one of it’s biggest fans normally.

But in under a month, two men were murdered in the most heinous of ways, for the stupidest of reasons and left families behind them. I personally cannot stop thinking of Rabih Kahil, of the Lebanese Army, who fought for his life for three days as he bled massively from a bullet injury. He has unfortunately lost the battle.

His one month old son will never know him, except from the stories people will tell. And you know what sucks? The country will mourn him for a week or two, they’ll call for justice, and raise chants, and share all sorts of posts.

But once that period is over, they’ll just forget like they have forgotten about the ones before him.

In a under a month, the country drowned in its own garbage. Lebanon, the piece of heaven, was rotting. Literally.

Piles upon piles upon piles of trash all along our streets. 10 days without trash collection exposed our every flaw: how we don’t recycle, how much food we waste, how haphazardly we handle issues that we think are insignificant while they are at the very core of our survival. And you know how we handled it? We set fires!

Seriously, who in their right mind would think that burning our waste was the right way to go? Do they not think of their health and the health of their children?

I guess not.

And now Sukleen is back on our streets, picking up what has accumulated and all the remains of those silly fires, taking them to Karentina as a temporary solution. Temporary in this country can of course mean any length of time. Remember the Beirut Slaughterhouse? It’s been temporary for almost 16 years.

So our track record shows that we’re no good at long-term solutions. I’m not even sure this short-term thing is going to be done right.The piece of land where all this garbage is going is not equipped to handle what they’re throwing there.

But we rejoice for even a tiny bit, because it seems like such a breakthrough.

In the midst of this all, there’s this stupid rhetoric you start hearing.

We like to pretend that we have moved on from the Civil War, but the thought process is still so heavily ingrained in us and we’ll never be able to shake this off.

For example, there’s this flawed reasoning that those protesting the establishment of landfills in their areas of the country shouldn’t be allowed to dump their garbage in Beirut, where they live during the week. They should take their refusals to their areas and leave Beirut to its people. How dare they say they don’t want the capital’s wastes to be dumped in their villages when they are exhausting the city of all its resources and leaving no place for its original people?

I’m ashamed to be even hearing such comments!

You can only wonder what’s next for us and for this country.

How worse can it get? What more do we have to face before the population comes to a realization that this is not normal?

What can we do to change the situation and ensure the lives we deserve? There’s only so much you can do online, and even taking to the streets and protesting has shown that you will risk arrest if you say or do the wrong thing in the politicians’ eyes.

I sure as hell don’t know- and no one else does. We’ll just have to wait and see, with our hands on our hearts.


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  1. baliinfoblog says:

    we are facing a similar situation in Bali, its very worrying

  2. It’s a great pity to know from your words how upset you are about these conditions you have to endure. Please don’t let the current situation over which you have no control spoil your your forthcoming nuptials. You have joy and delights awaiting you, your family and friends. Happy days lie ahead for you and yours.

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