Blue Batroun


Funny how you can get so adjusted to one place that you don’t think of venturing beyond it.

Since I was raised in Beirut and it is the hometown of both my parents, it is the center of my universe and I don’t leave it much unless I’m going abroad. But there’s so much to see in this small beautiful chaos of a country.

Sure there’s mountains of garbage everywhere you go- they’re even burning a dumpster near my house as we speak and it smells as you would expect. But that should not stop you from exploring your options.


We had been planning a beach day for a while now, but up until this morning we didn’t know where to go. So I suggested we just drive in the direction of Batroun,  north of Beirut and just a bit further from Byblos, and find a beach to accomodate it.

We ended up settling for Bonita Bay because it had a pool. We tried to swim in the sea but the coast was all pebeles and not sand. So it gave us a really hard time.

Nonetheless we got such stunning views of a sea in the most perfect shade of blue you have ever seen. I could look at it all day!

On a personal level, it was a fantastic day because we got to rest. We got to do a fun activity together while not going into overplanning mode. We got to just be happy.


But the downside? My shoulders hurt and all red from my failed attempt at ever getting a tan!

So, I totally recommend you try to venture out of your comfort zone because you never know what the experience might be. Just have some cream on hand.


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