The House is Done


With today’s foray into selecting the right curtains to go with our living room and dining room being a success, and with buying the last set of plates that I really wanted to have, our apartment is finally furnished and ready for us to move in to.

If I’ve learned anything in the past year, getting a house together is harder than it looks. I am astonished how some people can invest so much time in planning a wedding when it’s where you’re going to live that takes all the effort and energy and finances.

Don’t we all wish our home looked like an IKEA showroom? Well, I hope we got pretty close to this.

So my piece of advice to anyone getting married is to seriously give the house the attention it deserves. It is a long and complicated process, especially if you’re moving out of your parents’ house and into your married home.

You’re probably used to a certain standard of living and ways of decoration that your mother has done and you might want to replicate it. I know I have, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bedroom. But you have to remember that these things were not done overnight and that it’s okay to branch out and do things differently.

Furnishing a home is always a great experience in testing how well you work together and how you compromise. I know that personally I will never trade in those times Ahmad and I spent at Home Center discussing plates and bedding options. Yes, we clashed a few times, but we ended up getting things that make both of us happy. To tell you the truth, I’m more than glad that Ahmad is the kind of person who voices his opinion and has a vision. I would much rather stand for an hour arguing rather than just end up doing what I want.

And I have no doubt that our home will be beautiful. Because it is ours.


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