Bridal Magazines and the Wedding Look

I got myself a wedding magazine yesterday to gather some inspiration and ideas for what’s left for our event- namely a hairstyle for yours truly. Now, I know that we’re so well advanced and have Pinterest and The Knot at our disposal, but it just doesn’t feel the same as flipping through an actual magazine and folding pages.

All part of the classic experience.

The majority of the edition I got is advertisements, but I expected nothing less. They’re entertaining because you always draw inspiration from the way the shoot has been styled and pick different ideas to come together.

One thing I noticed, as someone who is focusing on getting her wedding look together, is how easy going all the brides look. None of the featured models have all the colors of the rainbow on their eyelids or dramatic eyeliner rimming their eyes. They do not have elaborate updos that require being held up with a sponge and every hair extension you can find in the city of Beirut.

The brides featured in the magazine look natural, normal, like regular women who just happened to be getting married.

This of course is not the case in Lebanon, where far too many women are at the mercy of their stylists who want to show off everything they have learned in  beauty school.

From my discussions with people about my hard time finding a hairdresser I can trust, these professionals are more interested in building a name for themselves by having the biggest portfolio and instagramming their lifting and cutting skills, rather than focusing on giving the bride what she is asking for. On focusing on their illusions of grandeur, they really don’t care what you end up looking like and that you’ll have to look at your wedding photos for the rest of your life.

As the American magazine proves, it’s really not hard to go for simple. And it’s really not ugly to go for simple.

And this is just about the beauty part. Even the real weddings featured look well thought out, even though they do probably match when it comes to insane budgets. Still, you won’t see massive statues of unicorns or hot air balloon entrances in these magazines because the focus seems to be all on rustic, DIY, and most importantly, personal. 

Then again, maybe bridal magazines are not the best place to go to for wedding inspiration, irrespective if they’re published in the USA or in Lebanon.


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