All This Wedding Talk


At this point in my life, everytime I get together with someone, the first topic that comes up is the wedding. Everyone wants to know how the planning is going and whether or not we are on track.

A lot of these people also happen to be relatives of ours- especially those who will be coming from abroad to attend. So naturally they want to know details to better prepare themselves.

Our venue comes with an excellent view of electrical wiring

Here is where the problem lies. I love sharing things about the process (or otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog) but how can I keep things to myself just to maintain the surprise? I mean, writing this blog has been theraputic for me and is helping me document this process.

For example, I didn’t want to reveal the location until the wedding invitations are out. But they won’t be done before August and the questions are increasing. I understand why. I normally ask for the location to know what to wear and how to style myself. So we had to share that. It also comes in handy because our location is not easy to get to.

But anything further? I don’t know. Do my guests really have to know what food we are serving or what colors we are using for the decoration? Can’t they just wait till September?


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