We dream, we talk out loud, we make plans, we meet beautiful people, we take daring decisions, we enjoy the green spots, we read our favorite book and love our city. Here we enjoy long conversations, we write down ideas and thoughts that matter. Our present moment becomes a memory that shapes a story we look forward to share.
In the future we’ll know that this story happened here and now with you and me. This is the place where memories are made…

Don’t you just love places that give some thought into their concept?

I spotted this on the coaster at Memory Lane, a place I’d been meaning to try for a while now. And it did not disappoint- the food was great (and did not give me food poisoning unlike other places) and the ambiance was lovely. The menu was helpful in indicating that the location was originally a sewing factory!And the skylight! Completely transformed the place!

As for the memory? Well, it was a place where we got a chance to reconnect with a family member who is also getting married. We shared our stories of planning and changing and our anticipating and excitement. And as Ahmad put it, I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to the family.

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