A View to Remember


Sometime during this past week, Facebook and their “On This Day” feature kindly reminded me that I had been back from graduate school for three years!

Where did the time go? That’s the question I kept asking myself. As cliche as it sounds, it does feel like just yesterday that I had been going crazy over packing and being super excited but super nervous to be starting that new chapter in my life.

And while I’ve largely moved on from that stage and come to terms that I chose to come back to Beirut and I chose the life I’m leading now, there are plenty of moments when I’m nostalgic and missing the place- going over in my head if I should’ve stayed.

One of those similar moments is opening my bedroom window only to find a parking lot greeting me. I thought I would escape that with our new flat, but it turns out that’s just the same. Then again, maybe I should be grateful that we have spaces to park our cars in the super congested city that is Beirut.

Of course, I’ve been entirely spoiled because this was the view I had while in Maastricht.


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