Budget Cuts

If it weren’t for my parents, we would not be able to have a wedding for 30 people, let alone 100. They undertook the daunting task of throwing a wedding for us on a strict budget in a country that shies away from that word.

All because they’re happy for us and want to help share that happiness with the rest of the family and our friends.

Despite my inital protests about how much it would set us back and we would be better off having a simple dinner, they insisted that we have a party worthy of the occasion.

All they asked for was that we stay within the budget.

My fiance calculating our cake budget, probably

And throughout the whole process, we tried really, really hard. We got very lucky with a venue that offered us a comprehensive package including food. But because we chose the higher end caterer, we splurged a bit.

Then my dress rental was slightly a bit more than we expected so that put a little dent.

Then came the invitations which we had totally not accounted for and that just completely exemplified how costs can add up.

So that left us with a barely enough number for the photographer. What’s left in the wedding budget is so little that the only way is for us to pitch in. But on the other hand we have invested so much into the home that it’s really hard to keep track sometimes.

Money is that one issue that has always bothered me. I can budget enough to get by on but I absolutely hate having the discussion with anyone even my own parents and partner. That’s another topic for another day though.

Facing a cut in the budget is hard, but I understand why it had to be done. After all, my family are already doing more than I could have ever asked them for just for one night and they’re doing so without complaining. And they still have their own expenses for the event to think about.

Truly, we couldn’t be more grateful for the support and the life-lesson on budgeting and money.


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  1. Is it so expensive to marry in Lebanon? what’s the avg spending on marriages in Lebanon?

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