Moving, Digitally


It took a lot of convincing and many discussions with Ahmad along the line of “you’re not taking your old laptop with you to our house.”

But when my beloved laptop of five years just stopped working, I couldn’t but give in and get myself a new one.

I mean a laptop is useless when its keyboard messes up, the trackpad doesn’t click, the pc overheats all the time, and it takes forever to get things done.


The new one, a Lennovo Flex, is pretty cool. Apart from actually functioning, I love that I just flip it over and it becomes a tablet. I can even prop it on the bed and watch my series without being in an awkward position.

Of course, it’s tough for me to give up my old Fujitisu, especially when I composed my senior project, my master’s thesis, many creative writing projects, and messages to Ahmad on it. I carried through a number of airports and security checks and used it to communicate with my family and friends.

So it’s a bit sentimental. But life goes on, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, I’m currently facing a huge hassle in copying all my old data. The pictures were quite easy because I’m very particular about organizing them. The music, though, is another story with the old PC having about 7000 songs, of which i probably old listen to 110 at any given time. In this day and age, we have truly become digital hoarders.

So does anyone want to help me delete and move? Because apparently it’s a lot harder than packing up physical items like clothes and books.


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  1. You have my complete sympathy. One of my external hard drives decided to go gar gar and it took over 24 hours to download 2TB of data to another drive because everything went into slow motion. Talk about digital hoarders, I think I’ve gone over the top. Delete, delete and trash, trash trash here I come.

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