The Search Continues

One of the worst feelings you can encounter is that nagging one in the back of your head when you want to be done but not quite.

We visited the house today, as we do every week. And like every week, I get this nagging feeling that this isn’t quite my home yet. That so many things are missing and time is running out. It’s not a really good feeling to tell you the truth.

So we head out to the stores once again. And we look at furniture and items and start asking ourselves what to do and if it fits.

We sometimes might get lucky and find something- so we end up with that happy yet temporary feeling. And then we deposit the things in our nylon covered home.

The same old song and dance that we have been doing since October.

Yet it’s a work in progress, always. We know that.


Sometimes though, I’m disinterested in that work in progress. I just want to be done and live in that space, even if it is incomplete- and we don’t have bedside tables.

I mean who needs bedside tables? It’s not our fault the furniture company completely messed up on that one.


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