A Few Words on My Father


Some 20 years later, I find it hilarious that my dad had taken me in all my four year old glory on the day of my preschool graduation to his workplace. It wouldn’t be as hilarious if he had a normal desk job, but at the time, he was actually an Emergency Room doctor!

So, I don’t know what on Earth possessed him and how my mother ever agreed to the idea, but it somehow happened. I can understand that he was probably really proud that his firstborn had her first achievement and was on her way to becoming a really cute and smart first grader.

But it’s that particular visit stuck with me my whole life and was probably the first (early) indication that I would seek employment in a hospital.

So much so, that in my personal statement for graduate school, this is what I had to say:

A physician for almost 30 years, my father’s stories about work, and his  observations of the mismanaged and outdated healthcare system, were a constant during my formative years and have led me to develop a deep interest in healthcare quality and management.

I should’ve noted that he actually discouraged me from becoming a physician myself but has never objected to anything we had set our minds to doing. In fact, he now laughs how he and I have one more thing to talk about: hospitals and healthcare. He also laughs about how this was all his fault and I would’ve probably pursued writing professionally if not for all the stories and experiences he had shared with us.

My whole life, all I have ever wanted was to make him proud of me. Since he wasn’t around because his job forced him (and still does) to be in another country, I made sure that every step and every decision I took would have his input and would get his approval. And because of that, I’ve never felt he was distant or uninvolved. In fact, I feel that’s only gotten us closer.

In many, many ways we are similar, but we are also very different. I’ve always been likened to my mother in terms of personality and looks. Her and I are basically the same person sometimes. But I have inherited his sense of curiosity and being life-long learners. I personally could not think of something better he could have passed on to me- maybe his patience and his calm, but that’s fine, I guess.

This is yet another Father’s Day where my dad isn’t here to celebrate, he isn’t here for us to give him a hug, but he is in my heart and mind.

And we did video chat earlier so that lessens the pain slightly.

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  1. It’s wonderful that you respect and admire your father and vice versa. There is nothing finer than having parents you look up to and regard as mentors.

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