No Green Spaces? No Problem


The last project I ever did as part of my undergraduate degree was on the importance of developing Healthy Cities and what impact they can have on citizens’ health and well-being. I remember throwing my every effort into making that project a successful one, not only because I wanted to graduate, but because I felt so passionate about the subject.

Beirut, as you might know, is not a healthy city and is far from it.

For example, we barely have any green spaces, which are at the heart of such a city. Your idea of a lazy Sunday is having a picnic at the park? Or you want to take your kids outdoors to play? Good luck with that if you’re in Beirut…

But then, I come across things like this and can’t help but wonder.

This is an abandoned lot somewhere in Hamra. Pretty soon, it’ll be turned into a building, you just wait and see. Clearly, there’s more to gain by building rather than providing a space where people can come together. We wonder why children prefer to stay inside on their iPads and computers? Well, give them the place to take out all their energy!

But, unexpectedly, and for the time being, these neighborhood kids have made it their own football field. You never know if one of them ends up being the next Ronaldo or Messi- I’m sure that’s what they hope to be and they’re not going to let the lack of a proper park stand in their way.

Good for you, kids. Don’t let anyone stand in your way.


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