Planning of Another Kind


A few weeks after Ahmad and I had the most important conversation about our future together and where we were going with the relationship, he gave me two notebooks.

The first one was nothing fancy: a thick purple cover with unlined pages so I could scribble ideas for a story I had in mind. I’m ashamed of myself that I never got the chance to complete that story. But I hope someday I will.

The other one was this:

A tiny black Moleskine notebook that looks more like a personal agenda than anything else. But when turned to the side, there’s a inscription of the name of a city, so it’s actually a trip planning notebook.

And in typical Ahmad fashion, he had something sweet to say as he handed it to me: “This is so you can plan our honeymoon.”

Two days ago, armed with a pen and the internet, I stated filling in that notebook with proposed travel planes, places of interest, possible hotels, visa requirements, fun facts and tidbits- and just generally getting myself in the whole planning mode.

The internet is incredible, I must say.It allows me to sit in my pajamas, drink coffee and listen to music all while making calculations and research our best options. Who has to deal with a travel agents who is less than interested in what you have to say when you can just be comfortable?

As much as I might be overwhelmed with the planning for everything, this phase has to be the one I’m most excited about. Since our early days, we’ve always spoken about how much we want to travel the world together and this will only be the start.

Of course, no one is sad about planning a vacation, especially if it’s with a loved one!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. finkelstein says:

    What does the inscription say?

    1. TK says:

      I won’t reveal that just yet as I do plan to write about our honeymoon when we are there, so best to keep it as a surprise 😀

  2. lucydanvers says:

    Sounds so exciting!

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