Escape the Room- Beirut Edition

I really didn’t know what to expect when Ahmad told me we’d be going to Escape the Room on Wednesday night with some of our friends. But I thought, well, I’ve got nothing better to do on a weekday night and I’m all up for trying something new.

It turned out to be a lot of fun and a great way to bond with your friends and see how everyone works under pressure.

The game is very simple, as the name suggests, you and your teammates are locked inside a room for an hour and you have to find clues and such to be able to escape it before the time runs out.

The rest of my teammates for the evening, unlike me, were somehow familiar with this concept because there are games and apps for it. Since then, I’ve proceeded to download one and now I can’t get enough of the concept.

Now, I won’t spoil how the game goes or what the sequence of events was just in case you’re up for trying it out, but I’ll tell you this, it really requires you to think fast and look around and second-guess everything. Every mark and every sign and every object could mean something and you could use it as you’re finding your way out.

Being good and solving riddles also really helps as you might encounter some as you’re searching around, but really, it’s a game about keeping your eyes open. And working with your group because some parts require to put together different pieces and manage your time properly before it runs out.

And note, if you’re claustrophobic, this game might not be the one for you since it’s a slightly small and dim space. Don’t worry, though, they won’t keep you inside if you can’t solve it by 60 minutes.

We managed to complete our run in about 57 or 58 minutes and that’s because we had a couple of moments where we were just standing there wondering what to do next. You’ve got to keep moving and thinking to beat the current record which is 52 minutes.

I’m really glad that people are coming up with such concepts and making them available in the country because honestly I’m not a party-person and I’m getting tired of having to go only to restaurants and cafes if I want to meet with my friends.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do on a weekday night, I suggest you go try out Escape the Room. They’re located in Gemmayze, right next to Artlab.

And if it happens that you’re going on a Wednesday, like we did, you can always continue onto Em Nazih and take part in their Quiz Night.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Uday says:

    Interesting! Who solved the puzzles best? You or Ahmad? 😛

    1. TK says:

      We all worked together along with our three friends, so we really didn’t compare skills. However, when we later went to quiz night, I was the one getting most of the answers right or second-guessing the wrong ones.

  2. HumaAq says:

    Well that sounds like a fun evening

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