From Our Roadtrip to Sannine


As I wrote in yesterday’s post, we’re trying to break from our usual weekend routine by taking advantage of the awesome weather and going on roadtrips, beyond Beirut.

Yes, I meant that and no, I’m not sorry.


I vaguely remember Sannine and the area around it, because the last time I visited was when I was in high school and that was many years ago.


But it was our destination for yesterday’s roadtrip because Ahmad had already been a couple of weeks back on his motorbike with the guys.

Of course, no one told me I would be going on a roadtrip so I ended up in the most awkward outfit for such a thing: a dress. At least it was floral to suit the mood and the scenery.


I want to say we got to see some breathtaking views but the fog had a completely different idea. We also didn’t really take the most conventional road, prefering to go all around the mountain instead of straight upwards then down.


It was great fun. Between trying to find the way and find the right song to suit the moment, we talked about some lingering issues but mostly we just got to enjoy each other’s company.


Best of all: not a single planning thought! The last thing I want for us is to be that couple that turns their engagement period to just time to prepare for the wedding and don’t work on their happiness and enjoying time together.

We perfectly timed our return with the sun setting over Beirut.


No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still can’t get over the beauty and the magic of that particular moment.


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