Workplace Advice for A Newbie

My sister is on the verge of entering the job market and putting all those years of studying to practical use. I couldn’t be prouder of her that she is graduating and all her hard work is paying off.

Since I’m the eldest and have been at my current job for a couple of years, I thought I would give her some advice that I wished I had had when I started. But better late than never right?

Make sure to never run out of pens!

So to my dear sister who makes me proud everyday, here is my list of things that will make your life a lot easier. You might be the new girl now, but before you know it, time flies and you’re in charge of training the newbie.

Smile. No matter what’s going on, just smile your way through the day. You never know what other people might be going through.

Walk confidently and be proud of who you are. But don’t be a show off. No one likes that.

Along the lines of smiling, always greet everyone that you come across. Trust me, it goes a very long way.

Always be willing to learn and improve. No one comes into this world knowing everything.

You almost always end up learning what you need for the job on the job. Don’t underestimate what you learned before but don’t expect it to be enough.

Don’t bring work home and don’t bring home to the workplace. Everything has its time and place.

Come on time and leave on time. Staying past the end of your shift probably means you have time management issues or you’re trying to show off.

You impress your manager and superiors by the work you do, not by the words you say. Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes.

Be careful who you make friends with. Some people just want to gather material for gossiping once you’re not around so steer clear of them.

But do make sure to have at least one workplace friend you can depend on because your college friends won’t always be around to share lunch with you or understand what the setting is like.

Invest in comfortable clothing, even if your job calls for a more formal look. You can always do both, without compromising.

And this is the most important one: remember to get a good night’s sleep!


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