Food Tasting: Attempt Two

As I’ve previously discussed, food tasting is a weird thing to do. If you also consider you have a six page menu to go through, then that only serves to increase how tough it is.

Well, that was the case of our second attempt at trying to pick a caterer for the wedding.

We had already met with this company before, last month- an hour long meeting in which I left no question unanswered and set onto creating a buffet that would wow us and our guests. Seeing that I initially did not want a buffet, much props have to be given to the operations manager who completely streamlined the whole process and put my fears to rest.

But we couldn’t truly make a decision without trying the food! True that their reputation preceded them, and true that I actually surveyed their kitchen because I’m strange like that, but after our first experience at tasting did not meet up to our expectations, we felt it was important.

It was a bit rushed, but that’s understandable because we had such a tough time scheduling it. They also seem to be thriving so their priority is to deliver to their clients rather than put on a full spread for us.

Still, we were impressed. As we were told, “you can tell if a catering company is good the moment you walk into their offices and kitchen.”

Once again, I’ll start with the desert. I wish I could just forgo the whole dinner part and just serve people desert. How could you resist? Here’s just a tiny sample:

I’m loving this approach caterers are moving towards where they serve things in individual portions, rather than messing the whole place up. You have to imagine that people will be in evening gowns and suits- and they do not want to stain them as they are picking up food.

I loved that we were served as though we were at the wedding. The items were all presented in the same way they’ll be at the event, leaving nothing as a surprise or up to the imagination. We were told as well that everything comes with its own labels so people can know exactly what they’re eating. In addition, we will be having chefs, waiters, and a floor manager to help everything go smoothly.

They even managed to get me to try things I don’t normally like, like eggplants. But they tossed it in with one of my favorite things in the world, goat cheese- and it was heavenly!

All in all, they served us three salads, two hot appetizers, three main courses, and the above deserts- and they were apologizing that this was all they could prepare on such short notice.

I don’t know how much they expected us to eat because after that tasting was done, I couldn’t put anything in my mouth. Not because it was too heavy, but because the taste was so great, I wasn’t willing to give it up just yet. Also, I was full and happy.

And as you know, the bride doesn’t eat at her own wedding, so this was probably my one and only chance.

I had honestly expected the food and presentation to be heavier on the frills, given the name and the asking price. But I was pleasantly proven wrong.

It’s definitely going to be remembered by all of the guests and not because it was set on gigantic white displays with LED everywhere.

Sometimes, a bit of simplicity goes a long way! And if that simplicity is mixed with a bit of sophistication and innovation, then you get something that makes you proud to present to your guests on the “most important” day of your life.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. artman413 says:

    Eggplant unlikers unite!

    Glad to know this second tasting went better than the first.

    I also couldn’t help but smile at ‘most important’ in quotes. It’s pretty cool that you’re excited about the wedding without being completely lost in it.

  2. I’m just looking at the tray in your photo and salivating. That looks good…

  3. HumaAq says:

    Oh that lookks yummy…!! Your wedding would be a fun foodie event😏

  4. lucydanvers says:

    This looks delicious! 🙂 Sounds like an interesting process to go through.

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