Well Traveled

Some people collect stamps, others collect magnets, and others keep postcards.

But for me, the ultimate trinket is maps and flyers from the places I’ve visited.

Which all makes for an interesting collection after years of traveling and asking for friends and family to collect them on my behalf when they are abroad.


But because they’ve been stuffed into the tinest drawer I have in the house, east has met west in the form of papers jumbled up all together. I needed to sort them out in a way to be able to find something when I need it for “research purposes.”


It is always a great trip down memory lane when I grab a map of a place I’ve been to and enjoyed getting lost in. Even though in the case of some places it’s been close to ten years since I’ve visited, I can still retrace my steps to some degree.

And in some of the cases, I might find some notes I’ve written at that time- which is always fun to see what my priorities were at the time.

Disclaimer though, I haven’t been to Florida, Paris, Vienna, Cyprus, and Antalya- but they’re on my list.


On the other hand, I probably need a bigger drawer.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise Brady says:

    This is awsome! you’re VERY well travelled. x

  2. Uday says:

    Maps are really the best things to remember a trip by. One glance and you’re back there again 🙂

  3. ninakimani11 says:

    I nominated you for the LIEBESTER AWARD. Details on my blog. Thanks

  4. lucydanvers says:

    You could totally have a big board where you pin up all the different pieces and it would look fantastic as you could see them and remember them more! 🙂 Would really be great.

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