A Night Out at Cucina Downtown


Making an effort is essential especially when the relationship becomes too familiar and you’re used to one another. So it’s good to break the routine and do something new.

Our way is to get all dressed up and go try some fancy or semi-fancy eatery. It always goes that he won’t tell me where the place is and I have to guess: and I always do.

Well yesterday, my hunch was correct as we headed to Minet el Hosn, that area in Beirut between the Souks and Zaytoona Bay to try out the latest Italian place, Cucina.

Before I go on to tell you about the atmosphere and the food, I must show you this:


That, my dear readers, is the fantastic Pain Perdu that closed off our meal. The menu said it was to share, but it neglected to tell us that it could be easily shared between four to six people! But it was great. That piece of toast was soaked with caramel and accompanied by caramelized apples and vanilla ice cream. We ate it all until nothing was left.

But back to the start.

When we got there, at around 9 PM, there were only five occupied tables as we took our seats on the deck. And what a perfect night it was to sit outside and take in the breeze and all the fancy cars.


We ordered as per the waiter’s recommendation with the caprese as our starter. It came pretty fast but then why wouldn’t it? It’s basically cheese, tomato, basil, and olive oil. It was good in the sense that we consumed it quite fast. The mozeralla wasn’t super impressive though.

For the main dishes, we both had pasta.  Cucina isn’t exactly noted for being a pizzarea as Tavolina or Olio are so it wouldn’t be fair to the place. They also have a wide selection of meat based dishes but it had to be left for another day.

My ravioli burrata was promised to be spicy but I barely could make out that taste. Still, it was a great plate and one I savored every bite of. It’s been a while since I had had a good ravioli. I also loved the mix of cherry tomatoes and sundried tomatoes on top. You can’t go wrong with that.


This is what Ahmad had. And as usual, he beats me for the best choice of the night. But maybe it was a bit too heavy with the cheese, the walnuts, and the white sauce. Still, I took a bite and couldn’t get over how good it was.


And of course, we closed it off with the desert I described above!

I would definitely recommend Cucina for a nice night out at someplace more upscale. I couldn’t get over how sleek the whole place looks with a whole 1920s feel to it and clean white lines everywhere.

Oh. By the time we left at 11, there were no more tables left! I am always amazed by this here in Lebanon, how people always complain that there’s no money and the situation sucks but there’s no free seats anywhere! Weird!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. HumaAq says:

    Yes making an effort is all it takes to run a successful marriage and not just expecting. Yummy food n you looked gorgeous

    1. TK says:

      Thanks, so kind of you! We are slowly learning but what is great is that we have a great foundation to build on.

      1. HumaAq says:

        Aww sweet, always best wishes:)

  2. lucydanvers says:

    This sounds like a really nice evening. The pictures look nice, and the situation in Lebanon sounds interesting. I Know very little about Lebanon’s political situation.

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