Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again. And I have a massive headache.

With the weather becoming warmer and the days becoming brighter, as well as having the AC coming in on full-blast at work, this could only mean that it’s time to put away the winter clothes!

This is definitely my most favorite day of the year because my maxi dresses and sandals get to make their grand reappearance while I stuff my ugly sweaters away for the next six months or so!

This season’s exchange is particularly special because it’ll be the last time I do so in my family home- and honestly, I’m thankful that I no longer have to go through this with my mom being the ultimate person to decide where everything goes. I get it, her house, her rules.

Now, in the mess of the past few weeks, my closet got all jumbled up- and I wasn’t aware of just how much clothes I have! And naturally, my work and every day clothes got mixed up with the nicer pieces.

Which led my mom to separating things and putting away all the nicer shirts, pants, and skirts I have in a closet that according to her, I’m not allowed to touch without her being around because they should remain nice and tidy until I get married.

Not again! 

I already have a hard time as is trying to be trendy and stylish, and I know myself that if something isn’t staring at me right in the face, I will totally forget about its existence. But maybe that’s the plan along? Like for example, during today’s process, I discovered a pair of nice black pants that I don’t even recall buying at the end of last season. They still have the tag in and all.

Truly, nothing is that expensive or super precious, most of my clothes come from the typical retailers you find in any mall, but whatever. I’m resigning myself to the idea that I have no say in what’s going on for the next five months .

On the upside, spring cleaning is always great because it allows me to do good and donate anything that’s been unused or doesn’t fit to those in need. Please consider doing so yourself. It’s such a simple gesture but it truly goes a long, long way.


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