Happy Labor Day everyone! A day that commemorates all the efforts we put in all year long at our jobs, a day to celebrate the hard work we all do. And it was made even nicer by falling on a Friday, meaning a long weekend for the majority of us!

Except it wasn’t exactly a day off for us.

We’ve been stuff for the house, and mostly the kitchen, since November. Every time we found something we liked or something that was on sale or had an offer, we quickly got it. So it’s no wonder we started forgetting what we had. Even the inventory list I had made previously wasn’t of help because I stopped updating it.

To stop ourselves from buying more things than we need, we took advantage of today and headed to our home to start unpacking!

Allow me to take a deep breath here before I go on writing. I’m actually starting to unpack! Every move we take in this house is a step forward and sometimes it truly is a lot for me to take in!

Bag by bag, we started emptying out the spare bedroom that had quickly turned out to be our storage room. Honestly, the biggest relief was finally being able to unpack that gigantic orange bag that’s been in my face for six months! All that IKEA stuff has a home!

While we were busy unpacking, washing, drying, and sorting- and trying to come to the perfect arrangement of things,, Ahmad handed me over a notebook. A simple, unassuming spiral notebook. I looked at him and he said, “This is the most important thing. Read the first page and you’ll know.”

That first page says, in a handwriting that I had never seen but instantly recognized and related to, the handwriting of my future mother-in-law:

My dearest Tala,

In this notebook, I’ve written for you some information about cooking. And I hope it is of help to you in this journey in your life. And I wish you a happy and comfortable life and a wonderful future with Ahmad. Remember me every time this notebook falls in your hands… And I will be with you always as your life continues with your new family.

My precious Tala.

I know that no matter what happens and what I do, this notebook of family recipes will always be a fixture in my home. It’s truly one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and will cherish forever.

Slowly though and after several change of hearts on where to put things and fearing that the kitchen would not fit whatever we bought, it all started taking shape and looking like something we had shipped from an IKEA cataloge. If that’s not every little girl’s dream, I don’t know what is! And thankfully, all calculations were correct when we designed the kitchen because we ended up with a lot of empty spaces.

Of course, a home is always a work in progress, so to conclude the long day we had, we actually got out a pen and paper and started writing down all the things that were missing.

Something tells me it’s going to be a long process…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. What a great gift from your future mother-in-law. It speaks of love, and what better ingredient for any recipe than that?

    1. TK says:

      Indeed! It feels like she’s left a piece of her on every page and in every recipe! In addition, she’s an excellent cook so I’ve truly got a lot to learn from her (or maybe that’s just her way of making sure I don’t starve her son? :P)

  2. Looks as if you are heading for a foodies heaven.

    1. TK says:

      I hope so! That’s my plan 🙂

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