Laughter (or Disconnecting)

Dear Self,

I know you will roll your eyes when you see this. You always do when you read anything you’ve written in the past, especially when you’re not really thinking straight and are just throwing random words around, trying to fill up the page. See you’re doing that right now!

But allow me to write for a moment or two about the importance of never losing your sense of humor, never succumbing to the general sucky environment of the workplace, or whatever stresses might come your way, but mostly work- because the hospital can bring you down at any moment and make you lose sight of what’s important.

Do you remember that one time in Maastricht where we all went to the Boom Chicago show at the Vrijthof Theater?


In case your memory fails you, that was the night all the INKOM group went to see the improv sketch comedy show and we just bent over from laughter. Remember how you and Rohan kept shouting out random things to the performers so that they would incorporate them into the show and they did? Do you remember that exhilarating feeling of success because people were laughing with you not at you?

Remember how in Maastricht, you were always the one smiling? At some points, your face would hurt from smiling so much!

Remember how you always went out of your comfort zone to have a good time? You were always the first one out on a dance floor while everyone was drinking.

You were always telling your silly stories to anyone that would hear them and you loved nothing more than to be among a group of people, laughing until you had to gasp for a breath.


What’s happened since then? It’s only been four years so you shouldn’t have had a complete personality transformation. Yet, you don’t smile as much as you used to. You always seem to have that look our your face: a mix of over thinking and general amusement of what’s going on in the world.

It can’t just be the hospital. Though I do understand how that can change anyone. Seeing people fight for their lives or watch families feel helpless is not something that inspires anyone to smile, let alone, laugh at their loudest voice. Having to sit and audit units is cumbersome and tiresome and just makes you run in the opposite direction of happiness.

You have to disconnect. And you can only do that by remembering the things that make you happy. Go dance, go sing along to some of your favorite tracks, talk to an old friend, read a funny book. Even if you load up stand up comedy on YouTube . Just go and do it. I’m sure you’ll start feeling like your old self in an instant:

And if all else fails, go and re-watch Parks and Recreation or read Amy Poehler’s fantastic book, Yes Please! If that doesn’t make you laugh whole-heartedly, then you have no soul!

Page 29 from Yes Please by Amy Poehler




6 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna says:

    She is so funny I must get the book and read it.

    1. TK says:

      Highly recommended! It was such a good read I almost finished it in one sitting. I even took it with me to work to read in my downtime 🙂

  2. e says:

    This was a good read!

    1. TK says:

      Thank you E! I truly appreciate you reading and commenting 🙂

  3. artman413 says:

    It is almost eerie how often your posts seem to echo my own thoughts on life.

    When I returned to Dubai, I realized I’d lost my laughter for a while. Various sources of stress and missing my old life had taken away a part of me. It took a while for me to get that old humor back. Your advice on disconnecting is spot-on.

    And thanks for the recommend on Yes, Please! I’ll have to check that out, along with Bossypants. 🙂

    1. TK says:

      Yours too, by the way. Sometimes I read something you wrote, and I would be like, “hey, I went through that.”

      I’m glad to know you were able to find your humor after all that you’ve been through. Laughter truly heals us.

      You’ll love the book, I’m sure! It’s so easy to read and she provides great insight. I have to read Bossypants too!

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