If It’s Meant to Be

In 2007, while doing Model United Nations (MUN), an old classmate who had long since changed schools came over to me and said he wanted to introduce me to someone.

Actually I no longer remember how introductions were made but I do remember that I was a bit intimidated by the girl standing in front of me.

She was taller, blonder, and a lot more well put together than I was at the time. But the moment she started talking, all that intimidation went away. That person and I had to be friends.

And friends we became.

Almost instantly, Lily and I clicked. Maybe it was the fact that we were both doing the same activity at the same time or that we had the same physics teacher despite being in two different schools. Whatever, we had something to talk about at least.

Also a part of me thought wow this girl is tough. I could stand to learn a lot from her.

MUN ended but we kept in touch. It was tough because she didn’t go to school or live in Beirut- and neither one of us drove. So it had to be sporadic. But everytime we got together, it was plenty of fun.

And I always felt awestruck that someone as cool as Lily would want to be friends with me. She had her own social life and friends and whatnot but she still made time for me.

Then we started college and our roads slowly began diverging. I had my own set of friends that needed no special prearrangements and got busy with classwork and life and boys.

Seeing Lily went down from maybe once a month to twice a year to nothing at all. We barely even communicated through Facebook, though I made sure she was okay because of it.

Then last year, just after I had gotten engaged, she sent me a message to congratulate me- and our friendship was back on track. The unpause button had been hit.

Lily is the kind of person I love and admire so much because she always overcomes any circumstance thrown in her way without so much as a complain.

She may have come off as intimidating when I met her back when I was 16 but that’s only because she cares and never half-asses anything.

It so happens that she’s incredibly funny and when I need a quick pick me up, she’s the first person I would think of.

I can’t imagine what could have happened had she not sent me that message. Because in one year we have managed to rebuild our whole entire friendship and make it better. Just goes to show that if something is meant to be, it will happen.

I would be lost without Lily’s support and help and opinions, especially in this huge year of my life.

I know, but I still hope, our friendship will sustain all the big changes in our lives: my upcoming marriage and her move to work abroad.

I’m still in denial that she is leaving. But I know wherever she will be, she will be successful and show the world what she can do! I’m very proud of her, always.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great Friendship indeed. Long live the harmony between you both.

    1. TK says:

      Thank you. God bless you 🙂

  2. Hayley says:

    I’m so pleased that you re kindled your friendship! The photos were lovely to see whilst reading this lovely sentimental piece – I also became distanced from a friend of mine, and upon rekindling our friendship – its like we picked off exactly where we left off! It just goes to show how friendships can overcome the true test of time! Loved reading this 🙂

    1. TK says:

      Thank you for reading Hayley! And I’m glad you rekindled your friendship too. Often life gets in the way and people drift apart for no apparent reason- and that one, in my opinion hurts more than not keeping in touch because of a falling out. The best part is feeling like nothing has changed and that’s exactly the case with Lily.

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