170 Days

Yesterday, I received an interesting email from one of the online services I had signed up for to help me keep track of the wedding planning.

There are, at the time of writing this, 170 days left before I marry the man who changed my whole perspective on love and marriage. 170 days before I finally move into the house we had invested so much time, energy, and money into.170 days before we get to celebrate and be happy.

We’re inching closer and closer to the wedding so of course I’m happy and excited and all this jumble of emotions that come with the term bride-to-be.

170 days is not much. They’ll pass by in a blink of eye, before I’ve gotten the chance to catch my breath and wonder if things are going according to plan.

I am calm and collected only because I keep telling myself we can totally do it. That people who need longer to plan a wedding are either throwing something too over the top or have special circumstances.

At least I think I am calm and collected. I don’t know when the next breakdown will happen.

Basically, I have 170 days to the all of the following:

  • Finalize the venue
  • Meet with the caterers and plan the menu and the wedding cake design
  • Meet with the caterers to decide on the types of chairs and tables we will be using
  • Finalize the wedding guest list without causing any clashes between the families
  • Send out Save the Dates and update Excel sheet accordingly for no unpleasant surprises
  • Design wedding invitations and send them out to the invitees and alternate invitees list
  • Look for a florist who can work within the budget and execute our ideas nicely
  • Think of ideas to make the wedding a bit more personal
  • Prepare a list of “suggested” songs for the DJ (And by suggested I mean he has to play them or else I will be an unhappy bride)
  • Find a wedding dress, a veil, shoes and the whole nine yards
  • Find a photographer that is nothing like the one we had at our engagement party
  • Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate
  • Plan the honeymoon
  • Remember to breathe and take it all in

So maybe 170 days isn’t enough. I hope I’ll be mistaken.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. A.B Mood says:

    Congratulations in advance for your big day ^_^ I’m sure it’s gonna be absolutely magical ❤

    1. TK says:

      I hope so! I have to plan it first though

      1. A.B Mood says:

        Well the bullet points are a starting point 😀 Just take it easy and don’t stress out 🙂

  2. Chili Jess says:

    Such a cool app. I would almost propose my partner and buy a smartphone just to play around with all those cool applications.
    You have an Excel sheet? Wow. Do we need Excel sheets to get married? I don’t want to get married.

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