A Beautiful Spring Day (and I’m at Work)

It’s a beautiful spring day and almost everyone is off from work to celebrate Easter and to just have a great time with their families and friends.

Plenty might have planned road trips as my fiance did yesterday. I didn’t go with him but he sent me this amazing panoramic view from somewhere up in the Lebanese mountains. I don’t know where he was but this is just beautiful.

So it’s probably no surprise that today is just as beautiful with the sun shining so brightly and there being almost no traffic on the roads.

How do I know there’s no traffic?

Because I’m at work today. A typical Monday with all the running around and trying to catch up on the damages of an extended weekend by rounding through the hospital and gathering all the needed cases and information.

I hate rounds by the way, but it’s just something I have to do.

But this isn’t a particularly regular Monday because the office is almost empty. Half of our department is off, half of the department we share the floor with are off, so there’s no ringing telephones, no beeping pagers, no loud talking and laughter.

In fact, I had to turn up the speed of the fan on the air-condition so I could get some noise around here.

Now, back to rounds.

I feel like anyone who works in a hospital or similar setting can say that they’re doing rounds. But really, it’s an art I’ve come to perfect over the past few years.

It first involves the appropriate attire: sneakers, comfortable, muted pants, a not-too-tight shirt, your hair gotten all together. Today, I have none of that done. In fact, in my morning haze, I chose to wear dark pink pants only to realize my sneakers don’t match, so I ended up wearing black flats- this is probably not going to end well.

The second part is to keep your eyes open on everything that’s going around so you clearly don’t miss anything. Well, today I failed at this too, because I’m preoccupied with the fact that I’m stuck here on a beautiful spring day. I don’t even know what’s going on in the world outside.

My mind keeps wandering, clearly I can’t concentrate.

We had a great long weekend. We celebrated Ahmad’s birthday, spent time with family that had come from abroad, met with new friends over coffee and did not realize how long we’d been there, took a road-trip to see a wedding venue, enjoyed dessert by the seaside, and watched Jeopardy! on loop.

Is it any wonder then, why I don’t want to be at work today?


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  1. danblogs994 says:

    This was a very nice post, very honest and gave an interesting insight into your working life. I especially liked the photographs and pictures, they really worked very well in adding to the post, hope it wasn’t too bad of a day having to stay inside though!

    1. TK says:

      Thanks! I love conveying my thoughts through adding pictures. I hope that’s not considered breaking the “free-writing” structure though.

      As for my day, I’m getting through, a couple more hours and I can go home and all will be well again.

      1. danblogs994 says:

        Haha I’m sure it’s fine, I for one think it should be allowed, if not encouraged. Glad to hear it, hope all goes well.

  2. nooryak says:

    i hope when you get home you will forget that you had to wrok today 🙂 Good to know that you work in a hospital. Are you a doctor? This only excites me because I love greys Anatomy.

  3. Chili Jess says:

    Hey, you could have been in the snow! Which is nice too in fact, you would have missed snowballs fight and such things.

    Turn on the fan? That’s a good idea. You can as well download a software for changing your voice and record stupid messages and then send them to your friends and foes. See their reactions and have a good laugh. That’s just an idea, in case you’re bored. Really bored. If you go through it though, let me know.


  4. leela says:

    Thanks a lot for liking my post.

  5. A.B Mood says:

    Oh my God now I want to live near those Lebanese mountains!! The scenery looks so enchanting ❤ And yeah I can understand that the silence sometimes starts to haunt you a little bit.. That's why I keep my trusty earphones with me wherever I go 😀
    P.S. Loving your blog! Here, take my Follow ^_^

  6. The panorama shot looks great.

    1. TK says:

      Thank you, it was taking by my fiance so I’ve passed on the compliment to him

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