A Night Out At Blackrock Dbayye

Originally, the plan was to go to Jbeil and have a nice quiet steak dinner to celebrate Ahmad’s birthday. We had talked about for a few months so it almost seemed set in stone.

I say almost because that’s not what we ended up doing. I got delayed in getting ready, mainly because I came back from work exhausted, and with every passing minute, driving to Jbeil didn’t seem as appealing as it did before.


Instead, we decided to go to Blackrock in Dbayye. Dependable and wonderful Blackrock with their simple concept and just knowing that you’re going to have a good steak dinner- mainly because you’re making it yourself.

For my outfit, I also chose someplace dependable. I’m not big on fashion and trends so I just took the safe route and chose a navy floral skirt with a pistach top, both from Vero Moda. I paired those with my old navy MUN suit jacket (incredibly I’ve had that since 2007 and it still fits) and my purple Forever 21 heels that I bought on a whim.


For accessories, I had my Stardust bracelts, my engagement diamonds, and my earings were a birthday present from Ahmad last year.


We decided to have a three course meal, because hello celebrations! And we kicked off the night with the Caprese salad that was fresh and flavorful. I enjoyed every bite and did not want to share!


The main course, the Australian tenderlion on the heated volcanic rock in this case, came with two sides: I chose the dauphoins (I think that is how it was spelled) and the Rosemary wedges, paired with a pepper sauce on the side.


I enjoyed every bite so much that by the end I still had a quarter of my steak left while the stone was cooling off!


And for dessert? We ordered the Pain Perdu for two after some inital confusion between fondante and fondue. Why don’t they make it clearer? I definitely didn’t want to get melted chocolate on my cute outfit.

The pain perdu was worth it though, but not as good as my ultimate favorite at Couqley.

The night was great for us because it was a good chance to sit and just have a quiet night to ourselves without thinking about venues and guest lists and work stresses.


Just us being happy and celebrating.


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