Wedding Dress Shopping: Me Against the Market

The past two days have been hectic and I can’t believe I have to go back to work tomorrow and run around some more there. I feel like I’ve done quite a lot with this mini-vacation but not enough, as no major decisions have been taken- and I’m starting to get anxious to see some things materialize.

I had truly thought furniture shopping was hard.

Excuse me while I get over this fit of laughter overcoming me. I wish I could go back to that bit, because that was actually fun, even though we were exhausted by the end of it.

This is nothing compared to trying to plan a wedding- or worse, looking for a wedding dress.

Lace and some more lace- and a lot of white. Is a bride supposed to be a cloud?

Now, there are people who help you and give you advice that’s coming from a good place. They might be complete strangers who become friends or people you’ve known your whole life. They speak because of their actual concern and willingness to help you out of your confusion and into achieving your vision for your “dream” wedding. They’ve been there, done that and understand what’s it like. You never feel bad asking them for their tips.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who share their advice when it is least needed. This advice is not meant to help you and comes from things these people have done and seen that work on the mere impression factor. Taking their advice means you’ll end up visiting shops you never ever thought you’d set foot in- and ending up disappointed/surprised not in a good way.

Speaking of which, avoid places that have Haute Couture in their names unless a- You have the budget for it  and b- You aren’t looking for something simple.

This is what happened to me because I took the advice of those on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I ended up having a saleslady put me in one of the most MASSIVE dress I have ever seen with a ton of crystals, lace, and beading. That’s not to mention the gigantic hoop skirt that means no one can stand next to me or the sky high crystal shoes that were impossible to walk in. And that’s not all, she had me stand on an actual stage with curtains and spotlights and the whole nine yards to show it off.

That contraption, because calling it a dress would be an insult to it, costs close to, drum-roll please,

$ 9000 to rent!

Nope, moving on!

That’s not to say that my experiences have been bad, because that’s not true.

I’m just wondering when do we go from the point where it’s all cute and playing dress up to oh no, not another one, why can’t I choose!

PS: Salesladies: If you have a problem with my weight, don’t casually suggest that I should lose up to 25 kgs in six months. Just tell me you don’t have my size and I promise you, there will be no hard feelings!


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