That Feeling You Get When You Try On a Wedding Dress


Some people take days off from work to relax, to travel, to take care of pending things.

I take rare days off from work to plan my house and my wedding- to the extent that my boss was shocked that I had done so much progress in such a short time.

Of course, one of the things I haven’t done is look for a wedding dress, which according to Say Yes to the Dress means I’m very late because there’s only six months left, and you should always get your dress 6-8 months ahead. Thanks Randy.

But today, I started looking around. And I got this incredible feeling that I never thought I would, considering I’m trying on something that’s not exactly my size, not exactly my thing, and not exactly light or easy to move around in.

We tried a couple of shops, but the majority don’t let us try things on without appointments (FYI future brides: if you’re on limited time, call ahead and take an appointment). At one particular shop, appointments have been booked months ahead and they could only give me one in two weeks! And they say that this country is in trouble and the economy sucks.

Ha! I laugh at you.

So anyway, the very last shop I saw today let me try on a couple of dresses, and oh what a feeling that was.

To the frequent readers of this blog (all ten of you), you know I’m not into the princessy feeling nor have I been dreaming of this day my whole life. You also know I’m hesitant to spend a lot of money for one night and that I’m anxious about how I will look in a wedding dress because I’m not a standard size.

But when the saleslady helped me put on that very first dress, I felt this glow. I am a bride-to-be, I can do this, I look beautiful. I did not think I would look good in white until I tried that dress on and it just completely offset my dark hair in a magical way. Maybe Say Yes to the Dress was right, you can completely tell in your face when the dress is the right one for you.

The next three or four dresses I tried on at that shop were equally as beautiful AND flattering, throwing out that misconception that I had about a wedding dress exposing my not-so good parts.

There was maybe a single instance where I was wearing a hoop skirt and tried on an already too-wide dress that it looked like people would have to stand about two feet away from me- so I shot that idea down. I don’t really need a hoop skirt (as well as a princess crown)!

Two pieces of advice/lessons learned that I can come out of this experience with:

1. Try on all sorts of different dresses because you never know which one will look good on you. I read this bit of advice online and it’s super true. Be open to trying new things and to the advice of the sales lady if she is nice.

2. Trust your gut feeling. If it makes you happy, pursue it. If it doesn’t, take it off.


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