Horror Stories: The Engagement Edition


I was talking to a friend today about our respective engagement parties and how they turned out, when I realized that I had a lot of so-called horror stories from the day (the one year anniversary is fast approaching!). We all do so I thought it would be fun to share them within the scope of Beyond Beirut.

The Dress

We weren’t doing anything fancy. Just a typical engagement at home with our families, and then we decided to have a cute dinner for our friends at one of our favorite restaurants. Because the occasion was so simple, I wanted a simple dress.

The result of many futile searches- and my favorite picture from the engagement. The dress if from Coast (Beirut City Center) and the shoes are from Nine West.

But this is Lebanon, the more the dress glitters and is poofy, the better! I swear to you, we did not leave a shop we didn’t go to. From top designers to regular shops, my mom and I went everywhere.

And it just wasn’t working. I kept crying the whole time because no I don’t want those models!

And the salesladies are extremely rude here. I am not exactly skinny so a lot of them would be like, “you know, you have a bit of time to lose some weight!”

How dare you say that to me?! Who are you to talk?! Do you even know that I work out and lift weights everyday?

The Hair and Makeup

Everything here is just OVERDONE! You ask for a simple style that enhances your beauty and you get whatever the stylist is feeling like on that day!
I went to the hairdresser I’m used to but ended up so disappointed.
The result of several re-dos. And I still wasn’t happy!
I told the makeup artist I love the Arabian kohl and I ended up with a ton of purple glitter eye shadow on my face and fake lashes that kept sticking to each other. I threatened to cry if she did not redo her work! She did, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted!
And the hair was a complete disaster.
I asked for it to be curly, instead he got the curling iron and curled it up, then proceeded to ruin all of the curls until they became one massive mess! Then he realized it wasn’t a nice look, and put in a couple of pins that made everything worse.
I couldn’t do much here, so I came home and took the pins out before the photographer came. It was so bad that during the engagement, people were wondering if I had gotten my hair done (because I have natural curls).
What I looked like at the end of the night.

The Cake

I wrote a full post on this a couple of weeks back. We still cannot discuss the issue in front of my mother by the way because it always ends up with some yelling and screaming and cursing at the bakery.

Our other, less unfortunate, cake

The Photographer

Now this one still makes my blood boil to this day, and I doubt I can ever forgive him! Guys, don’t ever compromise on your photographer because these are what you’re going to keep with you for the rest of your life and show to your children.

We decided to go with this guy that we thought was good. He was well known around the area and had shot a few events I have been at, and he offered us a good price for our budget. Turns out, that wasn’t a good sign.

Hello 80s Prom!

First of all, he had all those crazy poses for me to do that it felt more like a gym workout. Turn like this, head like that, eyes here, chin wherever. Or bend down and find your shoes. Or lie on the couch and stretch out (At that point even my teta was in giggles)! He had this ultra heating flash that made me feel like I was melting.

He also wouldn’t call me by my name, which I hate! Instead, he kept referring to me as “3arous” (Bride). He shot all of our couple photos as if they were straight out of an 80s prom shoot.

Oh and let’s not forget that he had to be called over from his cigarette break to take the photos of us exchanging rings (in which my face doesn’t show).

He also made me look fat in all of the pictures….

But here’s the unforgivable bit! He cropped my mother in law out of the only picture I have of us together, one where she’s fastening a necklace for me, a gift from my inlaws!

Oh, he also went photoshop crazy afterwards, turning my Snow White self into a bronzed babe with just a couple of clicks!

What about you readers? What are your horror stories? What should I look out for with the wedding?!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. fiercevillain says:

    Great blog :)) just followed
    If you have time, please check out my fashion blog

  2. Rimak18 says:

    I have been following your wedding/engagement blog posts for a while now and I can finally say that I have started to relate. I am planning for my engagement in two weeks and I have started freaking out because apparently nothing goes as planned! I am veiled so I don’t have to worry about my hair. For the makeup however, I am actually going to do it myself. Makeup artists in Lebanon rarely understand the concept of a “natural” look and I would hate to be unrecognizable on my own engagement. Coast was actually the first place I went to since I didn’t want something extravagant and I always seem to find cute evening wear that is not over the top at their place, and I was lucky on my first visit! (But don’t get me started on the horrors of customizing evening wear for someone who is veiled and not making it look cheap and tacky). We wanted a small engagement at home for our close family members but day after day the list just keeps on getting bigger and bigger because God forbids if you don’t invite X or Y. Oh and as for the photographer, I found someone that I loved but it turns out he charges more than 10 $/photo so that is definitely not happening. Instead of focusing on the fact that I am finally getting engaged to the love of my life all that I am doing is worrying and just thinking that I want to get it over with! Let us just hope that everything (or at least most things) goes as planned!

    1. TK says:

      Hi! Thanks so much for following the blog and leaving your comment. I hope you continue to do so 🙂

      First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Inshalla tethanoo w Allah ytameem 3ala kheir!

      As much as there are horror stories with these sorts of events, there’s always the upsides, which mainly are being with the love of your life. You’ll totally forget about everything once you’re in that moment- and trust me, it goes by so so fast, so don’t focus too much on the negatives! Things almost always don’t go according to plan but that’s how it goes. Focus on your own happiness 😀

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