What Costs Less Than A Wedding?

I have been feeling uneasy all this past week and that’s mainly because we shifted focus from the house to wedding planning. We’re researching and calling and meeting with venues, and trying to find something within our budget. Which is difficult, of course, when the majority of places are asking you to sell your kidney just to rent their venue.

Inspired by the prices we’ve been hearing, I decided to compile a list of things that cost less or just as much as an average Lebanese wedding, or one night of your life. Mind you, this doesn’t include the cost of a wedding dress which I am yet to look for.

An amazing view, but is it worth what they’re asking for?
  • A Kia Picanto  or a Hyundai  i10  2015 model
  • Multiple cars, used or brand new
  • Re-modelling your entire kitchen
  • A living room, dining room, AND bedroom for your house
  • Tuition for one year at AUB or LAU, and that includes the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • A graduate degree at Maastricht University, The Netherlands (my alma mater)
  • A grand Euro-trip
  • A gold Apple IWatch
  • Making multiple investments
  • Diamonds, up to 2 or 3 carats even (depending on cut, color, and clarity)
  • A Hermes Birkin bag
  • The cost of a house/apartment in some places of the world
  • Food for an entire family for a year

These are just some things that were at the top of my head and others that I found through a quick Google search. I’m sure there are plenty more things that cost less or as much as the average budget of  $15,000!

What doesn’t make sense to me the most is when venue managers talk about how they understand just how hard it is for couples to get married nowadays and how much they’re aware of the struggles to have a house and furnish it and all the things that come along with the marriage process.

They then raise the issue of how bad the economy is and how they’re all just trying to  make it work before they just unleash that price tag on you. And when you try to bargain to reach your budget, they begin to guilt-trip you or say things about how you can’t find what they’re offering anywhere else. But I refuse to be swayed in their direction.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. i agree with what you said about how the venue managers say it’s very hard for couples to get married because of the expenses, etc..

  2. AhmadF says:

    add this: a Harley-Davidson bike! 😛

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