I Love You Mom

I normally don’t like to talk about my family or post their pictures. It’s one of the few things someone can hold private in a world where everything is now online. But I would also be really untrue to myself if I didn’t write something about my mother on this day!

Mom and I, 1991 or 1992.

It’s incredible how one day she was sending me off to my first day to preschool and today she’s helping me plan my wedding. And she has been extremely proud and supportive every step of the way.

My mother is a superhero, I see her as nothing less than that.

To move back to Lebanon with two small daughters while her husband stayed in Saudi Arabia, and take care of her own ageing parents is no easy task. And yet she did it and continues to do it day and day out without so much as a complaint. She never takes a break and never stops, even when we ask her to.

Mom and I, 2015

My mom was my best friend growing up. I knew I could always come to her with anything on my mind: sad or happy. We would spend hours talking into the night about everything and she always pushed me in the right direction.At a time in my life when I didn’t have much friends, she was the one person I could count on.

I told her about what I wanted to be, who I was interacting with, what I felt about boys, all my fears and all my anxieties- and she listened and loved unconditionally.

She never discouraged me or said I couldn’t do something. On the contrary. I think her own never-ending creativity had something to do with that.

Whenever I came to her with a thought, she only said try it, go for it, see what you can do, or she added her own thoughts to enrich the full vision. If it wasn’t for her pushing, I wouldn’t have been this encouraged to write, to go abroad, to study what I wanted at university, to work where I work now.

There were times when we argued and disagreed, but that’s only because we are too similar sometimes, and not only that we look alike, just from different generations.

I may have gotten upset and cried but I also made sure we never went to sleep angry at one another- because she is the most important person in my life and all I have aspired to do is make her and my dad proud of who they raised me and my sister to become.

If I become half the woman and mother that my mother is, I would feel incredibly accomplished. She is truly someone to look up to- and I don’t feel ashamed to say, mom, you were right about a lot of things especially during those teenage years.

I would also like to write a bit about two other important mothers: one that I’ve known my whole life and that’s my maternal grandmother, my teta. And the other I’ve known only for two years but it feels like forever, my soon-to-be mother in law.

Both are incredible women whose company I never get enough of. They’ve seen so much in this world and know a lot and their experience is truly to be valued. I always come to both of them for advice and recommendations (especially when it comes to food as they are excellent chefs) even though there’s a generational difference. But they have enriched my life in so many ways and that’s not just because one is family and the other brought my fiance to this world.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I would like to wish all mothers a happy and blessed day and may they always be in good health, to watch over us and guide us and advise us. And make us better people.


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