A Comment On the Cost of Lebanese Wedding Venues

Right now the wedding industry is not doing enough to endear itself to me. The more I try to accept the fact that it’s okay, we can have a wedding without breaking the bank and/or ending up in utter disappointment, the industry decides maybe I’m getting too optimistic and throws something in our way.


Today, while doing the daily rounds of the interwebs, I googled “outdoor wedding venues lebanon” to be able to build a better list of places to check out.ย ย  As far as I’m concerned, if it’s not online, it doesn’t exist. So imagine my delight when I found one place that seemed to fit our criteria.

Instantly I emailed Ahmad about it who got in touch with the place even before I asked him to. His response was this:

$9,000 for weekdays and $11,000 for weekends. They offer nothing other than the garden, everything else we have to bring it.

Again, I would like to clarify that this place is asking for that much money just to rent their grounds and nothing else. I managed to furnish multiple rooms in the house for much less than that.

My reply? Sure, I have that much money lying around in my Swiss bank account. I’ll get it straight away.

This also reminded me of this one venue we saw at the wedding fair earlier that was only asking for $ 12,000 for similar services!

I never thought it would be this tough. I really did not. It has become apparent to me that this country knows no middle ground when it comes to its weddings: you either get no-name small venues or it’s extravagent and you have to put up your first child for mortage.

My searches so far for somewhere that meets the middle ground is in vain so far. I am asking anyone I know who has ever attended a wedding to recommend something, I’m doing my research online, I’m really really trying. But the industry might be stronger than me.

And there are just six more months left. I am really doubtful if I can do it.



  1. Rita Chemaly says:

    good luck in your preparations, I have prepared a list of the best hotels and restaurants and gardens, and in it I compared the prices for 2010-2011 and 2012.
    if you wish I can send it to you, and don’t forget it is a one wonderful beautiful day with all your family friends, best friends and all you wish to do is a big gathering in which you can all be together for you to begin your new life!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ as we say in lebanese all ytammen ala khair

    1. TK says:

      Thank you Rita for taking the time to read the post and comment ๐Ÿ™‚ I would much appreciate it if you could send me that list, the blog’s email is beyond.beirut31[at]gmail.com so you can send it there.

      And thank you so much for your piece of advice, despite all the anxiety, I’m truly looking forward to the day ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Sandy Youssef says:

      I know this is a long shot and you might not even see my comment, but would you be able to forward your slides to me too ๐Ÿ™ˆ.. I’m strugglinggggggg to find a venue

      My email is s.youssef.x@hotmail.co.uk

      Thank you x

    3. Salma says:

      Hi Rita, can you please send me the list you prepared of the best hotels and restaurants and gardens on my email. it would help me alot.

    4. Nadine says:

      Hello Rita, can you please share your list with me info@idbrandingandadvertising.com

    5. Dani Dirani says:

      Good morning Rita,

      Would you please be kind enough to send me the list.

      Thanks for your kindness.


    6. Aimee says:

      Hi Rita! Can I also get that list with the venues? aounaimee2@gmail.com

  2. mohamad says:

    ladies may I please have this list of price compares urgently??

  3. Hilda says:

    Hi ladies ,

    I need this list if possible please, my email is halloudeh@gmail.com

    Thank you

    1. TK says:

      Hey, unfortunately, I never got the list so I can’t send it to you. But if you have specific places in mind (outdoor especially), I can try to help you based on our research.

  4. Rana says:

    Hi Ladies, also please send across to me on ranabarakat@live.com

    I’m also looking for a venue but I cant seem to find one that feels intimate – vintage in a way. All venues literally look the same! Its crazy!

    1. Hanaa says:

      Hello Ladies,

      I am trying to find a location as well but it seems that prices are going crasier.
      Appreciate if you can send me the list: hnisr@live.com

  5. Nasma fh says:

    Hello ladies,

    Can u help me i am looking for a venue , can u send me the list plz

  6. aka says:

    has anyone heard reviews on catering for Le blanc catering or sofitel? and florists? any suggestions on price/suppliers?

    1. TK says:

      Hey! I haven’t heard of either caterer but I can highly recommend Black Olive (who catered my wedding). People are still talking about how great the food was- the wedding was in September!

      For a florist, check out Fleur Art in Sin el Fil, they are fantastic! I only met with them and they are very budget friendly and creative!

      1. AR says:

        Hello !

        First of all Congrats on getting married.
        I am doing my wedding this September and the only option I have is Lebanon. Can I kindly ask what was the average total wedding cost for a nice budget wedding there ?

        Thank you,

        1. TK says:

          Hello and thank you!

          Prices really vary depending on what it is that you want- and some places may seem cheaper than others but they might not be giving you a good package. Try finding a place that gives you this good package that includes many essentials (and not just the rental of the location). Also it depends on the number of your guests and if you want a buffet/seated dinner. Plus, September is at the end of the wedding season here so prices may be cheaper. We saved a lot just by getting married in September.

          I think you should expect to pay anywhere between 10,000 to 15,000 usd for a budget wedding for 100-150 people. But that’s just from my experience.

  7. Maria says:

    Can you recommend a venue please?

    Many thanks

  8. brit says:


    I am thinking about having a destination wedding in Lebanon this october. I would greatly appreciate lists and prices.
    What is the average costs of full wedding a-z? I see many beautiful photos of lebanese weddings but I don’t know how much they typically cost.

    Also if you can reccomend any companies you have used and the cost i would be very grateful.
    (wedding planners, caterers, florists, wedding venues, dress rentals anything you can provide is fabulous)

  9. Aya El Bizri says:

    Hello guys,

    While im working on my master’s thesis in events management regarding venues I read your comments… I see many of you are struggeling to find venues and are looking for a wedding planner…well the good news is that im a wedding planner..so if you would like to save time and money just call me on my mobile number : 70477218 or email me : ayabizri@live.com…I can make your preparation for ur wedding day much easier.

    Aya El Bizri

    1. TK says:

      Thank you for sharing Aya. I hope this help.

    2. TK says:

      Thank you for sharing Aya. I hope this helps those who are in the process of planning their weddings.

  10. Hayley says:

    Hello All

    I am looking to get married next June in Lebanon and need to start to plan I liked octagon and jardin Eden it’s so confusing not knowing the prices and what venues are good if someone can point me in the right direction thankyou

    1. soumaya hamaty says:

      Hello Hayley I am also getting married next June, if you would like I have many mails from some venues if you would like to give me your mail and I will forward them for you

  11. Marwan says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m hoping by now you’ve figured out the best venue to meet your budget and fulfill your dream day – atleast 80% of it!
    We, my fiancรฉ and I, are actually considering a winter wedding – Jan 2017 to be exact. Any suggestions on venue? Ofcourse itll be indoor but looking for something with a glass view perhaps or similar. Basically, not full indoor within 4 white painted walls.
    Your input is truly appreciated.
    And congratulations to all who’ve crossed over!

    1. marwa says:

      Hello where DID u end up ?

    2. soumaya hamaty says:

      Hello, did you try to lookout the chain of restaurants in klay3at? they are really with budget

    3. soumaya hamaty says:

      Hello, did you try to lookout the chain of restaurants in klay3at? I guess they have this sort of view but I don’t know about the weather there in january

  12. CA says:

    TK you were able to do a wedding for 15,000??? I am surprised and would love to know how. I would love to have a wedding (planning for 2018) but as you all said previously it seems a bit too extravagant. I mean when you have to take into consideration that most of us are taking house loans and car loans and still have to take out a wedding loan it feels extremely dumb and illogical to me, what next? a baby loan??? However 15,000$ seems fair as you can expect that the “liste de mariage” would cover most of it. right? I’m hearing my friends and colleagues talking about budgets around 35,000$ and 45,000$ and apparently this is the average cost. This is soooo not acceptable!
    So for the ones who have already done this and came out of it with money left to eat please let me know how you did it because if I don’t really care my fiance and our families are quite hurt and disapointed when I do the maths for them and tell them that it’s just not possible to have a wedding a this point.

    1. TK says:

      Hi CA,

      I’ve replied to you with a rather long email about how we managed to do a wedding for a little over 15,000 USD. I totally agree that the wedding industry in Lebanon is just one huge dumb scam that unfortunately a lot of people fall into because of all the emphasis on a single night rather than the marriage itself. Don’t listen to those that say 35 and 45 k is the average because that’s really blown out of proportion. You can have a budget wedding and people will love every moment of it (as they did with ours). Good luck!

  13. samia says:

    hi marwan if you are looking for an indoor venue with nice glass view
    check http://www.thelegendvenue.com
    but you have to bear in mind it is a bit costy

  14. Samia says:

    Dear CA
    I will get married next summer On a yacht in paphos cyprus
    It will cost me around 15000 including tickets and hotel for 30 persons
    So why don’t you think of this option? At the end you just want people who loves you around you on your big day
    Btw there is lots lots more options other than the yacht and much more cheaper

  15. Kirril says:

    Good day everyone, my wedding is set on the 11th of March 2017, and I m still looking for a venue in southern Lebanon. Any ideas? Thank you

    1. soumaya13 says:

      hello I have a list of almost most of the venue if you want I can send them for you by mail, if you like to give me your email, have a nice day

      1. Kirril says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. The e mail is as160@aub.edu.lb.
        Have a nice day

      2. Jo says:

        Thanks soumaya, would be greatful for the list, jnamy@umich.edu.

  16. Nisrine says:

    Hi TK!
    Thank you so much for the post you shared as it has helped many stressed out Brides to be!!!

    Could you please send me the same email you sent to CA regarding how you managed to have a wedding for $15000USD including any lists you received regarding venues and prices?
    I’m trying to plan a wedding in Lebanon for July next year all the way from Australia and I’m feeling incredibly stressed out due to the prices of some places!

    Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!!

    1. TK says:

      Hi, I just saw your comment and have replied to you by email! Good luck!

  17. Moe says:

    Hi TK, I am getting married this coming Summar. Can you please email me the list. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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