MJ’s Burger: A Not-So-Bad Burger

We stumbled upon MJ’s Burger while walking through Mar Mikhail on a Saturday. As is the case, we didn’t know what we wanted to eat, just that we wanted to take advantage of the good weather.

It just so happened that their waiter saw us peering in through the window, wondering “what’s the place” and got us to come in by simply asking “Do you like burgers?”

Indeed we do!

The place has been around for maybe two months but I hadn’t seen it on the local food blogs- nor did I even know that this particular street existed. It’s very no-frills in the sense that their menu is only four or five burgers: including oneΒ burger of the month selection. Even the decor is no frills with one wall being entirely their menu written on a chalkboard, a couple of single tables and one long table in the middle, and the sink on the outside.

The selling factor has to be, though, their window, the same one we were peering through at first.

We sat down and the waiter came and started giving his recommendations and suggestions: I love that, especially when I’m somewhere I don’t know yet.

Based upon that, we got the cheese burger, the burger of the month, and an order of rosemary fries with three dipping sauces, as well as soft drinks.

The fries made their way to our table first. A clear glass bowl with golden, crunchy thin fries with three dipping sauces on the side: tomato balsamic, chili mayo, and beer mustard- and all three were very good and full of flavor.

It looked like I was enjoying them so much that Ahmad felt the need to document the moment. I am not embarrassed to share it because they were really that good.

Our burgers took some time getting there, I don’t know why. But eventually, they did and we got to enjoying them, or sort of enjoying them. They weren’t as good as the fries.

The burger of the month was actually a chicken burger with Indian curry flavors, but it didn’t turn out to be as spicy as we expected (nothing in Beirut is as spicy as we expect it) and it was made from ground chicken rather than a chicken breast, which severely compromised the taste. For the price of 17,000 LL, we expected a lot more. I have to note that it didn’t come with any sides and lacked in fillings.

The cheese burger was slightly a bit better, but too expensive in my opinion at 19,000 LL. I ordered it with Gruyere cheese instead of the typical cheddar but couldn’t really get to the taste of the cheese because of the overpowering flavor of the sweet relish.

The biggest redeeming factor for the burgers, though, was the bread. So fluffy and soft and doesn’t come in the way of the meat like many other places do. So you don’t feel like you’re eating too much carbs.

MJ’s Burger is quite cool, but I think they should offer their clients more for the prices that they are charging. At least fries or coleslaw should be included, in my opinion. They’re bordering on BRGR Co territory but at least that was a bit more appetizing.

I do think I will be back though because I really liked those fries and the feel of the place- there’s so much that a friendly smile can do and this place wins on friendliness.


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  1. Danielle says:

    For a high quality street burger, only Smoking Bun impresses. Taste, freshness, method, and price are all spot-on. It’s located right beneath Secteur.

    1. TK says:

      Thanks Danielle. I’ll try it and let you know what I think about it πŸ™‚ What I do think though is that there’s A LOT of burger shops in Beirut. Time to move onto something new….

  2. Good evening Tala!

    Thank you so much for passing by over the weekend and for taking the time to write this beautiful review πŸ™‚

    I am really glad that you enjoyed the dipping sauces; my favorite is the beer mustard! You should also know that we can include your favorite in your cheeseburger for that extra mix of flavors!

    Actually, I would love to discuss in a bit more detail the few concerns you had! Would you be kind enough to forward me your contact details (mobile number or email) to mohamad@mjsburger.com so that I can elaborate? πŸ™‚

    On behalf of the entire team, we really appreciate the positive reviews on service and friendliness! It means the world to us πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely evening,


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