A Saturday Night At the ER


It’s not everyday that Ahmad visits me at work. It’s also not everyday that I’m at work on a Saturday night. But he’s sick: a sudden bout of abdominal pain and we had to take him the emergency room.


We’re laughing here but that’s just a way to pass time before we get the results that still have not come out at the time of writing this.

As far as Saturday’s go, this one was pretty nice. We had a stroll in Mar Mikhail and ate there before we saw Lily for some catching up.


I never expected that the day would turn out like this. I thought after seeing Lily we would end up cuddling and watching The Amazing Race. Instead, I’m here watching doctors and nurses work while my fiancé is in pain.

I work at a hospital and I don’t like being here. I guess no one does. Something about those neon lights…

On the positive side, our good friend Izzat has joined us in the ER- and we had a good discussion about wedding bands and music since he will be part of ours.

Funny place to talk about first dances and entrance songs.

Update: He’s fine. Results are all normal and we’re going home!


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