John Legend in Byblos This July!

Today, the Byblos International Festival announced that their opening act for this year’s edition will be no other than now Academy Award winner John Legend! The concert will be held on July 13 and the tickets are already selling at Virgin.

I cannot be more thrilled! And I am sure the setting will be perfect: Legend’s soul and Byblos’ beauty are a perfect combination to ensure a night to remember. It’s also a way to console those of us who could not see him in the UAE recently (or other artists as a matter of a fact).

Now, I know we spent the better part of last year singing his hit All of Me- I even associate it with getting engaged because the song became a hit around the same time.

But, if you really want to appreciate the extent of Legend’s talent, go all the way back to Ordinary People- sometimes music can perfectly capture our thoughts and emotions and this is that kind of song.

Now let’s hope the tickets don’t sell out in a heartbeat, like last year with Stromae. I cannot wait!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. razan says:

    is his concert 14+

    1. TK says:

      I think so. Check with Virgin just to be sure 🙂

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