People and Their Random Commentary

So we saw a wedding venue today. Our very first. The search and the wedding planning have officially kicked off.

The post isn’t about that though. This is about people who don’t really know how to phrase what they have to say. Or who shouldn’t say anything to begin with.

Appropriate given that we had pizza today!

Allow me to present my case:

Scenario A

A co-worker and I were discussing how tough it must be for our married coworkers to come home to their spouses after such a tough schedule and job. I then proceeded to add, God help my fiancé when we get married because he always has to tolerate all my horror stories.

Instead of just nodding and changing the subject, she was like, if I were you, I’d quit my job and stay at home. Because your fiancé is well-off and you don’t need the help. Why be at the mercy of this place?

I could only stare at her until she realized that she had something else to do. I never knew I was working just because we need the money.

Scenario B

When we went to see the wedding venue today, I noticed the lady we were meeting give me a head-to-toe scan. Mind you, I was wearing jeans and a regular shirt. Nothing fancy.

The first chance she got, she proceeded to describe in details what a beautiful bride to be I am. Instead of focusing on the selling points of the location she represents, she was giving me an ego boost. Which was nice, I’m not complaining, but just not what we came for.

Even when we sat down to talk details, she could only stare at me and complement me on coming prepared (because I had a very basic pen and paper handy). I don’t know if part of their selling strategy is to make their clients feel good about themselves.

Or maybe I just don’t understand how people work!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. dobrzaa says:

    At the same time, saying those unrelated, generic statements makes those people even more boring. That talk has far less meaning than having kept their mouth shout sometimes

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